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MCM Golf Card Game

开发 Magory
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MCM Golf Card Game is an Android App version of the "Golf" card game.Game status is saved after quitting game, so you can return to your game later.
One player plays against two computer opponents using two full decks of cards, including four Jokers.
The objective is to finish with the lowest score.
Start by flipping over two of your cards (that is the only time you are allowed to flip over your cards).
Then try to pair up cards of equal rank vertically to get a score of zero for that column (or -10 if playing with one deck).
To take a card from the discard pile, first click on the discard pile, then click on the position where you want the card to go (the card you want to replace).
Joker counts as -2, Ace as 1, numeric cards as their stated value, and face cards as 15 points each.
Once one player turns over all his cards each other player gets one last turn for the "hole". Nine "holes" (rounds) are played.
Try it today!
Notes: You may not be able to view or save high scores without a secure internet connection.
This is not the Golf Solitaire game.